About Vetprice

Your Practice, Your Loss

Over the past ten years, the internet has exploded into our lives in a truly staggering way. Networking with clients, communicating with friends and even our weekly food shop can now be done from the comfort of our living room. Having an internet connection has become an essential commodity not only for business, but also for the public in general.

But this explosion has had a profound effect on the small veterinary practice. Visits to independent practices have fallen by 32.2% since 1992, yet sales of veterinary medications on the internet reached a staggering £52million in the last year alone. With online prices of medications often significantly lower than what your sales price, it’s no wonder that your customers are looking for different avenues to purchase the items you recommend. Once they have bought from the internet, it is most likely that you have lost that customer forever.


How can Vetprice.com help you?

Vetprice.com recognises that they key to a successful business is customer retention. We are here to help the veterinary community remain competitive against the internet and give them the tools to be so. Based in Preston, we manually gather all of the pricing available to our users, ensuring that the information we provide you with is accurate and reliable. We strive to keep our database as up to date and as comprehensive as possible, therefore providing you as a vet with the tools at your fingertips to fight back against the threat of the online pharmacy. Take the tour to see our service in action or sign up for a free account today.